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Concept of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Recyclers Association 


The Association was established as a federal non-profit professional

association of companies and organizations involved in the recycling of waste electrical and

electrical equipment, based on the principles of the SRO.


The main objectives of the Association:

- Bring together professionals engaged in processing of WEEE for the formation of

common position on the organization of the management of this waste stream in Russia;

- Deliver this position to the executive and legislative authorities of the Russian Federation,

mainstreaming of this position in the development of relevant laws and regulations;

- Formation of the sub-sector related to environmentally sound management of WEEE;

- Dissemination among members of the Association of information on the experience in the field of

WEEE management, available both abroad and in Russia.


Main directions of activities:

- Conferences, seminars and other events devoted to various aspects of WEEE management ;

- Preparation of draft laws and regulations or amendments thereto

on issues related to WEEE management in Russia, reflecting the interests of member

organizations of the Association;

- Organization of informing the members of the Association with the existing practice of WEEE

management in foreign countries;

- Study and organization of use in the Russian Federation of BAT/BEP in WEEE management;

- Organization of training and retraining of employees involved in WEEE management;

- Creation of a positive image of the Association, as an organization that unites

enterprises providing environmentally sound recycling of WEEE in Russia.


To participate in the Association are invited:

- Companies and organizations engaged in the collection and sorting of WEEE;

- Companies and organizations engaged in the primary processing of WEEE;

- Refineries involved in processing of WEEE in order to obtain precious metals;

- Companies and organizations involved in the processing of WEEE containing hazardous and

toxic materials (mercury, lead, cadmium and others.).

- Regional associations of enterprises and organizations, engaged in WEEE handling;

- Professional associations of enterprises engaged in the processing of certain types of



Principles of formation of the Association:

Members of the Association may be all the companies and organizations engaged in the field of

WEEE management, regardless of their annual turnover, number of employees and used

technologies, well-established in the market and not violating the environmental legislation of the

Russian Federation in their activities.

New members are accepted on the basis of their application. For admission to the members of the

Association recommendations from two members of the Association are enough. In the absence of

recommendations the Association Council undertakes the study of the organization of activities of the

new member before admission.


Principles of operation of the Association:

Governing bodies of the Association formulate internal standards and regulations for treatment of some

types of WEEE and take actions to provide their use by all members.

Association is funded by membership (admission and annual) contributions.

Besides there could be specific contributions to the execution of any other activities or work approved

by the general meeting of the Association.

The Association may raise funds for its programs from events and activities.


Exception of members of the Association may occur in

connection with:

- Non-payment of membership fees;

- Claims to the company / organization by environmental authorities (RPN);

- Failure to comply within a specified time (set by governing bodies of the Association) with internal

standards and rules for the processing of WEEE and relevant recommendations of the Association.